Saturday, 29 June 2013

First Day of Summer & New Bikini

After a long school year crammed with homework, clubs and sports teams, summer is more than welcome to make an appearance for me. What usually happens, though, is I spend my vacation curling up on the couch watching a new TV show, sitting in front of my laptop surfing YouTube, or just lying on my bed reading a book and playing on my phone. I go back to school realizing that I've accomplished nothing when my 'life' that I complain about 'not having', is given back to me for 2 months. I've decided to do something about that this year. We'll see how that goes...

June 21st, the first day of summer, I was invited to my friend's house for a pool party. Some of you are probably a lot like me and the thought of actually having to move, tires you out more than you would care to admit. Though it may seem terrifying, dropping technology for an afternoon, or even a whole day, and going out to enjoy life gives you an indescribable feeling of relaxation.

My friends and I spent the whole day playing (childish?) games in the pool, spiking around a volleyball and simply treading water while chatting. We also may have tackled an inflatable dragon on many occasions, but I will deny that if you ever mention it. We stayed out in the pool pruning up until our mosquito bites were getting out of hand and the sun started setting. 

With parties, there's food. And I love me some food. In the picture above, you'll see the amazingly delicious homemade pizza pockets we had for snack. Dinner was simple to make, but just as yummy. So, if you ever have guests over and happen to have a barbecue, learning from my friend's family may be a good idea. Serve something simple to barbecue, in this case, chicken kebabs. Then toss up a salad and some fried rice and you'll have your friends perfectly satisfied and happy.

Finally, this is really exciting for me since I haven't bought a bikini since I was 12. My new bikini bottoms are bright pink with strings on the side to tie them up. My top is white with a floral print that fades out and gives a kind of watercolor effect. I bought these from Garage for $19.90 each since I wasn't looking to spend a big amount of money when I live in Canada where summers are pretty short.

Overall, it was an amazing day out in the sun and I arrived home feeling more refreshed than ever this year! The food was amazing, the weather was beautiful and my friends were just as perfect as usual. I'll definitely be looking forward to spending another day like this!