Sunday, 13 April 2014

DIY: Lush Basket

It's always so refreshing to go on Lush hauls. Everything there is just so fun to smell and play around with. Unfortunately, we all probably have that problem where we bring home our new purchases and they suddenly end up all over the place and we never see them again. So today, I'm going to show you a cute way to store your Lush products until you have the time to use them.
Note: These photos have been on my computer since Christmas, hence the Christmas product from Lush, haha :P

Go out and purchase a small, decorative dish. You can find these for a super cheap price in a thrift store, or, like me, at an Ikea.

Get your hands on a pair of scissors and any piece of tissue paper that you think would match your dish. In my case, I went with a red paper with dark red festive designs for Christmas.

Measure out how much paper will be need to cover the bottom of your dish and, using your scissors, carefully cut it out. A tip would be to always cut out more than you need and adjust it from there.

Depending on the depth of your dish, you may have to use more paper, which does not have to be your tissue paper, to add some padding. This way, you'll be able to evenly distribute your products so they will all be visible.

Go ahead and arrange your Lush products, however you would like, into the dish.

And there we have it, your own basket to keep your new Lush hauls on display! You can keep this pretty much anywhere, from your bathroom counter top to the sides of your bathtub. It not only helps with the organization of all the products in your bathroom, but it also keeps your bathroom smelling amazing.

Hope you liked this easy little project and I'll see you in two days! xx


  1. oh my gosh! I love this!
    it's such a pretty and practical way to decorate your bath area!
    Marlee and You

  2. That's a pretty cool and tidy idea! I always end up storing mine in my underwear drawers - makes them smell pretty!

    1. That's so smart! I like to put those little perfume samples in my dressers :)

  3. Great idea. Today Im now on the hunt for a pretty basket :)

    1. Ahhh! You're going to try it out? I'm so excited :)