Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Five Outfit Ideas | Back To School

For me (and probably many, many others out there), summer is the season of shopping. Whether it be full out shopping sprees or little purchases here and there, I'm sure all of us somehow end up with a pile of new purchases by the end of summer vacation. And what could be more exciting than finally being able to wear all your new clothes to school? It definitely tends to be one of the more positive things to look forward to during the back to school season. Now on to the outfits!

Outfit A: Modern-Boho

Floral Bralette from Garage
Skater Skirt from H&M
Brown Sandals from Sketchers
Floral Heart Sunglasses from Aldo

Outfit B: Monochrome with Pop of Floral

Black T-Shirt from H&M
Acid-Washed High-Waisted Denim Shorts from Garage
Floral & Black Platform Flip Flops from Aldo
Floral Baseball Cap from American Eagle

Outfit C: Sweet & Girly

Cream Lace Dress from Forever XXI (China)
Pink Flip Flops from Old Navy
Pink and Black Polka-dot Scrunchie from Ardene
Bow & Small Heart Mid Finger Ring from Aldo

Outfit D: Girly & (a little) Sporty

Floral Tank from Garage
Denim Lace Shorts from American Eagle (China)
Coral and White Polka-dot Sneakers from Vans
XOXO Snapback from Taobao

Outfit E: European Chic

Wink Crop Top from Garage
Grey Maxi Skirt from Zara
Black Flip Flops from Adidas

I tried my best to find links to these items so you could find them online. Unfortunately, most of them don't have a link since I either bought the items quite a while ago or because all my items were purchased in stores, so I'm sorry for that! I hope I was able to achieve what I was aiming for by providing a different outfit idea for all sorts of different styles out there. However, you'll probably notice that I still struggle with getting a little colour into my outfits, but monochrome clothing seems to be winning me over so far...

Which outfit was your favourite?


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