Sunday, 5 January 2014

Canadian Hockey Night

There's nothing like a spontaneous adventure during break. On Thursday night, my sister and I arrived at the Canadian Tire Centre for the Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets game. My dad often brings home pairs of hockey tickets from work, but the games are almost always on school nights. 3 hours before the game, my dad called home letting us know we finally had tickets to a game that my sister and I could go to.

So let's take an adventure through Canadian culture shall we?

Though it is obviously easier to keep track of the game and players while watching the game on TV, I'm sure everyone can agree with me when I say that nothing compares to the aura of family and spirit at sports games.

One interesting thing my sister and I realized during the game was that we felt pretty old after not following hockey for two years. And we're only teenagers, haha! All the old players had been traded and replaced by new players. On the bright side, we still recognized some familiar faces.

Team Anderson and Karlsson. Just saying.

It just so happened that I ended up sitting next to one of the cutest and most enthusiastic kids in the stadium. Through his cheering and flag waving, he made it onto the jumbotron twice in a row. And you guessed it. There I, my beautifully awkward self, was on the jumbotron laughing my face off... Not the best moment of my life. 

I'm super proud to say that I have never yet been to a Senators game where we have  lost. Though this game was close, the Sens pulled through winning 4-3. This is definitely one of the highlights of my break. It's so nice to visit old traditions once in a while!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into a Canadian life! As soon as I got the tickets, I knew I wanted to make a mini post out of this. Now that break is over, I won't be posting as frequently, but I loved having the time to write to you guys a few times every week!

What were the highlights of your winter break?

See you next time! xx


  1. maybe you should go more often if they never lose when you go! :D

  2. I've only ever been to one Canucks game, and my sister blames my presence at that particular game as the cause of the end of their winning streak, so I'm not allowed to go anymore, haha. It's good to know you have the opposite effect for your team!

    Anyway, I've nominated you for a Liebster award. If you choose to accept it, you can read more about it here:

    Have a great day, Jenny!

    1. Aw, haha, and I love the Canucks! Definitely my second favourite team, but I have to remain loyal to my home city ;)

      And thanks so much! I'll definitely give it a go when I get some free time!!!

      Jenny xx