Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day Trip to Montreal

Montreal is a two hour drive from where I live, so my family decided to take advantage of our long weekend to visit my older sister's potential university for next year. We also may have managed to find her the perfect prom dress in only one hour in a cute little boutique... 

Montreal is one of the most European cities in Canada, so naturally, my camera tagged along on the trip. So without further ado, here's some photos I took of our day trip to Montreal, Quebec!

First song on shuffle for the road trip. You've probably all heard this song and just don't know the name, but it is literally the perfect road trip song.

Ridiculously high gas prices...

It was a coffee kind of morning for my parents...

Shout out to those who have watched the drama Secret Garden, this reminds me of the car and thunderstorm scene :')

Reading my English class book on the car ride...

Montreal, forever under construction :P

Old Montreal



Timmy's for lunch :D

The street we went prom dress shopping on!

Cutest lantern ever.

I have an obsession for little chalkboard signs on cute boutique streets. And the little kiddie bike in the back makes it even better.

I'm kind of in love with this mug.

What's a road trip without fast food? :P

Sunset on the way back home <3
Hope you liked the photos! I'll see you soon with another post! :)


  1. Montreal is such a beautiful city - I miss it! The buildings are all so old and pretty. I love that "Tubthumping" was the first track for your road trip - awesome.

    1. Montreal definitely does have a unique kind of beauty! (:

  2. A bit jealous you only live two hours away from Montreal! I would love to visit Montreal, fell in love with it in the 8th grade; too bad it'll cost me about $800 for a roundtrip :(

    1. I'm sure there are hundreds of cities and small towns near you that are waiting to be explored though! :)