Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Two 2-Minute Hairstyles | #2014BloggerChallenge

Here's the honest truth. I don't put a lot of time and effort into my hair. My only purpose is to keep it out of my face, so you'll come to see that these hairstyles are super  unoriginal and simple, but my goal today is to be honest and show you my daily hairstyles.

These hairstyles work on both long and medium-length hair. You'll be able to see this since the first one is demonstrated by my long hair and the second, by my sister's medium length hair.

So let's go!

The "Less-Than-Two-Minute Two Minute Hairstyle"

Step 1

Grab two front sections of your hair.

Step 2

Pull both strands to the back of your head so they meet directly in the groove between your head and neck.

Step 3

Take your clip and pin your hair to hold it in place.

Yep, that took about 20 seconds... don't hate. ;)

Double Braid

Step 1

Brush out your hair!

Step 2

Take the front section of hair from one side.

Step 3

Using the strand, make a 3-strand braid.

Step 4

Stretch the across the back of your head then using bobby pins, clip it into place.
Note: Try hiding the pins better than we did in this photo... :P

Repeat the same steps using a front section of hair from the opposite side and run is across the back of you head on top or bottom of the previous braid and you're done!

And that's it. This post wasn't much, but I will not be defeated by the challenge! I'll be back soon with a better post. Promise. xx