Sunday, 23 November 2014

As Autumn Falls | Photography From A Fall Fiesta

There is something pretty weird about seasons here in Canada, well at least in Ottawa. Sure, our autumns are absolutely stunning, but it seems as if it only lasts for a few weeks. Last Monday, we woke up to fresh snow just about everywhere, unlike the small drifts we have in November that melt away immediately. So needless to say, winter has already come upon us and I'm starting to feel a little nostalgic over our short-lived autumn season.

That being said, autumn is my absolute favourite season and here are some reasons why:

THE WEATHER. There's nothing more refreshing than stepping outside on an autumn day. Rather than it being hot and humid, or bitter cold, autumns seem to have that gentle cold breeze that cools your skin while the hot sun is still blazing above you. Essentially, it's sweater weather. Not to mention the amazingly sweet scent of fresh air that sticks to you for a while longer when you go indoors.

THE COLOURS. The mixtures of deep ruby red, gold, amber, yellow and even the occasional dullish brown all come together to make a beautiful warm sight for the eyes.

THE SCENTS. The perfect time to light all the musky and spicy candles. Pumpkin pies in the oven, apple cider boiling on the stove. That little dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.

THE FASHION. An excuse to wear that comfy over-sized sweater over a pair of leggings. The perfect season to rock a pair of knee socks. Being able to use a chunky thick infinity scarf not only as a fashion statement, but as a cushion to rest your head on during class as well? ;) Not to mention the artsy chic flannel shirts and combat boots.

THE MUSIC. How each song seems a little richer. How the sound carries just a little farther. And how each note and drum hit sounds just a little bit crisper in the cool air. When that perfect song comes up when you're walking home in the perfect weather, surrounded by the perfect scenery.

HIKING. Driving up the mountains through straight and winding roads framed by ancient trees and their beautiful leaves. Hiking to the summit where the air is fresh and the tree tops below you form a giant mosaic of autumnal colours.

Needless to say, autumn definitely brings out that warm and fuzzy feeling for me. The snow is starting to melt here in Ottawa and we're getting ready for another week above freezing point. However, I don't feel like it'll be the same as 'autumn' per say. At this point, the leaves on the ground will be sopping wet and crumbling apart, however I guess that's another thing I like about autumn.

THE LITTLE INFINITY. When autumn time is here, it's the best kind of forever. However, the little infinity makes me appreciate just a little bit more. I look forward to that one perfect autumn week every year, and cherish it when it arrives.

What makes your favourite season so amazing for you?


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