Friday, 2 August 2013

July Haul ♥

July is over, along with half of my summer vacation. Instead of dwelling on the negative meaning of this, let's talk shopping! I'm usually so busy during the school year so I never get to get any shopping done. Honestly... I went a little crazy this month, so if you love math and want to add up how much I spent, please don't let me know. This month, I've ventured into items I wouldn't usually buy and have been influenced a lot by what I have seen from my favourite bloggers and YouTubers. So with that, let's begin!

I've heard so many people rave about coral nail polish this summer and I knew that I had to try it out for myself. Apparently I was extremely lucky because the next thing I knew, Walmart was having a sale on nail polish. This is Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the shade 390, or Firey Island. The colour is an amazingly bright, yet creamy coral and orange. I will definitely be trying this out in August!

This next item is pretty random as you can probably already tell. It's time to admit that one of my guilty pleasures is shopping for school supplies. These sticky notes were on sale at Chapters when I was buying a gift for my friend and I just couldn't leave them there. These are made in a way that the animal's head and speech bubble can poke out of the pages of any book you stick them in. It's just soooooo adorable!

I am in love with these Vans. They're coral with white polka dots and they pretty much go with everything. I've been wearing a ton of monochrome outfits recently and these have definitely added the perfect pop of colour. I also these on sale at Globo Shoes for $39.97 and the original price was $59.99 so I am quite proud of this purchase. I will definitely be wearing these during my Europe trip

And I am completely, head over heels in love with this dress. I've been looking for one like this, and it just miraculously came to me on the bottom rack, hidden in a corner of Forever 21. This dress was on a pricier range for what you would normally see at Forever 21, $21.80, but for me, it was completely worth it. What I love about these kinds of dresses are that they can easily be dressed up or down. Adding a classy necklace and pairing it with flats will be super cute at a party, while sandals or boots with stockings can create a really cute casual look. The length is above the knees, yet not too short so it is perfect for school too!

This, I'm ashamed to say, was a very rushed purchase. My mom was standing in line to buy herself a shirt when I was casually looking through the racks. The mall was closing in five minutes when I found this $11 t-shirt. I threw it to my mom and next thing you know, it's hanging in my closet. What sold this shirt the most was the interesting texture of the fabric. The fabric feels super coarse, yet comfortable and the hems of the shirts are slightly distressed. I'm thinking of wearing these with black leggings or some high-waisted shorts sometime this month.

I have no idea why I keep making last minute purchases this month, but this cami was also one of them. I was in line to pay when my mom found this cami that was selling for only $1.80! It was such a good deal and I just couldn't leave it in the Forever 21 store. What I love about this tank top is that I don't have any similar to it. The colour is also pretty close to a skin colour (it's a peach colour) so it'll be great to wear under any slightly transparent shirt.

I am so excited to wear this romper. I don't even know what to say about it. I bought a romper from Garage in late June but the back seam ripped off, just barely holding the romper up in a way that it could cover me. I loved the way that romper looked on me, but I had to return it. The service at the store I bought it at was horrible and it took an hour to return it. Definitely not my best experience at Garage. But now I have this one and I love it even more than the one I returned. Oh, and I bought this for $18.80.

My mom actually had to convince me to buy this shirt. It's not usually something I'd venture into since it looks so simple, but ever since I bought it, I've been wearing it nonstop. It goes great with pretty much everything since it's so monochrome. You can pair it with denim shorts, or you could even rock a Taylor Swift look and pull on those bright red high-waisted shorts. This was such a good find at the back of our Guess outlet. We bought it for $10 when the original price was $27.

Finally, this random purchase. I was grocery shopping with my parents at Costco because I was bored of staying at home. That's when I remembered that my face wash was running out so when I went down the aisle to pick up another bottle, I saw this one. I've heard so many people rave about this brand so I'm going to give it a try this month. I think this face wash costed around $11 and there's a litre in there so it'll definitely last me forever.

And here's a pretty picture of a sunset haha.

So what did you think of this haul post? 

Is there any details I haven't touched on about my products that you'd like me to talk about next time?

Is there any products or clothing suggestions for what I should buy in August?

Well that's it for now and I'll be coming out with my July Favourites soon! Love yaa! xx


  1. Hi Jenny!

    I definitely fell into the coral craze this summer! So much so that I started up a blog as well. I haven't yet gotten a coral nail polish so I will be looking out for Firey Island the next time I pop into Walmart. (;