Monday, 12 August 2013

Art Gallery & Downtown Byward Market

My friends and I recently got together to do a summer project. Yes, we had a project in the summer. The project consisted of analyzing specific pieces and exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Canada. So naturally, we decided to have some fun if we were forced to do homework in the summer. The gallery is located in downtown Ottawa, so there was plenty to do for five teenage girls, haha.

We started off by meeting at Smoke's Poutinerie on Dalhousie. To those of you who aren't familiar with poutines, they are simply fries (or chips to all my lovely british people) with a topping of gravy, *cough*fat, and cheese curds, *cough*more fat. And it is delicious. Supposedly, Smoke's Poutinerie makes the best poutine in Ottawa, but I had never been there, so I was super excited to try it out.

Since it was my first time there, I didn't order anything daring, like the chicken fajita poutine. Instead, I stuck with the traditional gravy and cheese poutine. The fries and cheese were pretty ordinary, but oh my gosh the gravy. If I were writing a review for Smoke's, I would still prefer New York Fries' fries over theirs, but the gravy was the best I've ever tasted.

So after we were all exploding of grease (attractive right?), we walked around the Byward Market heading towards the gallery. 

One of the most distinctive things about our art gallery is the giant spider sculpture in front of the main entrance. From deeper into our downtown area, you can always see the pointed glass top of the gallery, which is the iceberg in this case because that section of the gallery was under construction. It was such a beautiful day and the gallery was pretty quiet, so our visit was perfect. 

I have to admit that the questions on my assignment really allowed me to see more into the artwork. And can I just take this moment to give a shout out to that amazingly patient security guard at the Rideau Convent Chapel in the gallery? You'll never read this, but I'll try and get an 100% for you! 

By the time we finished five questions from our sheet, our brains were melted by the complexity of the questions. We decided on meeting at the gallery the same time next week to continue and went out to wander around downtown some more.

Our next stop was Spoon Frozen Yogurt! Spoon is a little frozen yogurt lounge that's pretty hard to spot, but the concept of the business is super cool. Mainly, everything is self serve. You can fill your cup with as many flavors of frozen yogurt as you want and add all the fruits, candies and syrups they have. At the cash, you weigh your cup and they charge you by the weight. It's pretty costly, but if you're hanging out with your friends downtown, it can be a nice little treat.

I went simple again with my cup of frozen yogurt, just like my poutine. I got vanilla flavoured frozen yogurt with sprinkles and strawberry syrup. It was so good since I couldn't remember the last time I got to eat sprinkles. We sat, ate and talked for a while, waiting for our rides to get home.

It was such an amazing day since I hadn't seen my friends for so long! Just thought I'd share this small adventure with you guys and encourage you all to go out and try some new things with your friends!

See you soon! xx


  1. LOLOLOLOL just bs TOK. And Spuds>Smokes.

  2. Love looking around galleries, I would especially love it with a lovely bit of food like you had

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