Sunday, 22 September 2013

❋ My Autumn Essentials: 2013 ❋

Helloo again my lovely readers! So, it's finally my favourite time of the year: Autumn! I just love the whole cozy atmosphere happening in this season and how it's the perfect balance between summer and winter. In fact, I love autumn so much that I'm writing this post out in my garden with a cup of steaming green tea. Anyways... because it's the first day of autumn, let's talk autumn essentials!


Like you probably already know, I love candles. I've been obsessed with candles in the summer, so naturally, my obsession with candles become downright unhealthy during autumn and winter. I literally went out to Ikea yesterday and accidentally bought 3 candles. Here are the scents I'm going to be obsessing over this autumn:

1. Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body Works
2. Strawberry from Bath and Body Works
3.  'Some sort of Swedish berry?' or 'The Red One' from Ikea 
4. Green Apple (?) from Ikea
5. Cinnamon from Ikea

Fluffy Slippers

Emphasis on 'fluffy'. I've pretty much been constantly wearing slippers all the time recently because of all the dust from our basement renovations. But now that the air is becoming cooler, I was finally able to take out my new and extremely fluffy slippers from Costco. They're on my feet from the second I enter my house to the second I leave it and I am loving these slippers!

Deep and Rich Nail Polish

Throughout the year, you will pretty much never see me wearing dark nail polish on my finger nails. Unless it's autumn of course. Then I'll only be wearing dark nail polish. I just find that is captures the coziness and classiness (?) of this season perfectly and goes so well with the amber and golden leaves outside.
Here are the colours I've been loving:
1. Blue My Mind by OPI
2. Devilish by Revlon
3. Gold Coin by Revlon
4. Red Velvet by Sally Hansen
5. Camouflage by Rimmel London


Beanies can make just about any outfit look cute. Wearing a super formal blazer and collared shirt? Add a beanie. Cute. Wearing a sweater and leggings? Add a beanie. Cute. Wearing a comfortable and baggy t-shirt that shouldn't even be seen in public? Add a beanie. Cute. Anyways, you get the point. And what better time is there for beanies than Autumn?

Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves can tie together any outfit. I don't know about you (but I'm feeling twenty two?), but I'm usually in denial about winter coming and summer leaving so I refuse to pack away my tank tops. Some of them can go pretty low in the chest area but these scarves keep you warm and still looking cute. I love adding winter and summer looks together during the fall season!

Leggings and Hoodies

Now that school has started, waking up early is just not one of those things that I look forward too, which is essentially quite sad because I'm a morning person as opposed to a night person. Sometimes, I stay up super late doing homework and the last thing I want to do in the morning is stand around in my pyjamas and find a cute outfit. I feel like you can never go wrong by pairing a hoodie with a pair of leggings. It looks super laid back and casual with your hoodie, but the leggings take away any possibilities of having a 'sloppy' look. Not to mention that it's super warm for the chilly autumn breeze.


Any warm cardigan will take you far. Once again, for those lazy days, finding any plain shirt to wear is fine as long as you have a printed cardigan to balance it out. They're also super cozy but not too warm for those classrooms that always seem to have bipolar temperature.

Cozy Blankets

When I finally got the opportunity to redesign my own room, it really wasn't hard for me to find a theme. I just have a never ending love for bright, open and cozy rooms, so naturally, as winter arrives, the amount of blankets, pillows and rugs pile up in my room. It's especially great to cuddle up in a cozy corner and listen to some relaxing music when you have to work late nights on homework and projects.

Don't forget to leave a comment below if you want me to do a room tour! :)

Top Knot

So, let's be honest. Sometimes, I'm drowning in homework and don't get to wash my hair as often as I would like to and I have yet to invest in a dry shampoo. I can also predict that I will slowly become more and more lazy to look presentable in school so I might as well start off with a neat(-ish) top knot at the beginning of the year that will slowly morph into a messy bun in April. Be sure to let my know if you want a tutorial from this former ballerina ;)


It's actually kind of sad how excited I was to get my boots out. I just love how they can tie a whole look together! My flat heeled ones are super comfy and give my outfits a clean and laid back look while my high heeled ones easily dress up my outfit on those icky outfit days. I find that boots are an essential in general for a girl, not just for the fall.

Overall, my go to outfit during the fall season is a nice comfy sweater, an infinity scarf, a beanie, a pair of leggings and a comfortable pair of boots! I hope you all have an amazing time enjoying what is left of your outdoor time, unless you live somewhere super warm. If that's the case, feel free to visit us in Canada, haha.

So my next post was written out two weeks ago, but I never had time to publish it. This week, I'm going to Leadership Camp as a leader and I am ecstatic to scare those grade 9's, haha. That naturally means that I won't have time to prepare a post for Sunday, so I will finally be publishing that one.
Hint: It involves something delicious and sweet.

What are your autumn essentials?

What is your favourite part of autumn?

Leave your answers below because I love love loveee reading and replying to all your comments!

I'll see you next Sunday! xx


  1. I totally agree with everything on this list! I love autumn (not only because of my birthday) but because it's a great time of year for fashion and it's beautiful outside!

    1. Happy birth..season? Haha, and I agree completely! The weather and fashion during this time of the year is definitely my favourite!

  2. You have an amazing blog dear! Followed you :) This post was very nice to read.

    xo Mel

  3. So I was looking for people to social with to spread my blog and I saw your comment with the website and thought, you're profile picture is pretty awesome. And know that I'm your blog it's pretty awesome too. I love this post! I love the hats and the beanies are so cute! The scarves look stunning and that nail polish, YAH! :D

    1. Omigosh, you're so sweet! Thank you so much, I know my picture's pretty rockin, haha. Love your blog! <3

      Jenny xx

  4. Hey, were did you get the infinity scarf? It's very nice :)

    1. It was actually a secret santa gift from last year, but I think it was from Ardene's or Claire's? :P

      Jenny xx