Monday, 9 September 2013

August Favourites 2013 ♥

So we're finally into the first week of September, and I gotta say, autumn is my favourite season. But enough talk about September because this post is about.... AUGUST FAVOURITES! So let's get started!


Aldo Sandals
I bought these gladiator sandals last summer at Aldo and they have been my go to shoes even this year. I brought these on my Europe trip with me since I packed mostly dresses for the trip and running shoes just wouldn't work with them. These were surprisingly comfortable for the long days we spent walking around Paris, Rome and Venice (oh, and Vatican). The best part is how these sandals are a rustic nude colour so they literally match everything!

Forever XXI Tank
This muscle tank (?) was one of my proudest purchases of the month. I am obsessed with The Amazing Spider-man so when I saw this shirt at Forever 21, I grabbed it and never looked back. I mean, Andrew Garfield, come on. The arm holes are cut so that everything up to the bottom of your ribs show though, so I always pair these with a cute bandeau.

American Eagle Gym Shorts
Like I mentioned with the sandals, I have been wearing dresses non stop in August. My dance shorts have pretty much saved my life on many occasions. I bought these at American Eagle for dance class, and never knew that they would also save me from flashing a bunch of French and Italians, haha. So, I would definitely recommend buying a pair of short and tight shorts to wear under skirts and dresses!

This cardigan was the only long sleeve I brought to Europe and it was the perfect choice. The colours pretty much matched with all my dresses and the cardigan itself was super warm and comfy. I can't tell you exactly where I got it from though, since it was a gift from my cousin. But choose the perfect cardigan, and it will bring you far...


Baby Lips by Maybelline
In the summer, people are big about protecting their skin from the sun. What we fail to remember is that our lips can be sun-burnt as well. My Baby Lips come with SPF 15 ensuring that through long days out in the sun, my lips won't come out peeled and disgusting. And the slight tint is just another plus!

Neutrogena's Moisture with SPF 30 (oil-free)
Speaking of skin protection... In the summer, even if I'm not going to be outside all day, I always make sure to put on  in the morning. The SPF and oil-free combined has contributed in eliminating most of my acne problem so I definitely recommend this, or any other oil-free SPF lotion for the summer!

L'Oreal True Match Concealer (Light/Medium)
This one is exciting! In July, my beauty favourites have never actually included any beauty products. The day we left for Europe, we had to make a quick run to Loblaws, so my sister and I decided to grab a concealer and give it a try. I can tell that it makes a huge difference. It make you look much healthier since it takes away your dark circles and it definitely helped hide most of my acne for our Europe photos!


 French Food
My food favourites are going to be quite vague since I ate 30 amazing meals in August. The first one is French food. It's definitely different from North America. They use less oil and maintain the original taste of the food instead of layering on salt, pepper and herbs.

Italian Food
My favourite food is pasta. Pasta in Italy. Need I say more? I never got sick of eating pasta for at least one meal each day in Italy. And the pizza there is amazing. It met all my expectations and more for what I expected out of food in Italy. Don't even get me started on the gelatoes.

Strangest food favourite, probably, but  when you make a trip to Europe, you will never appreciate water more. Each bottle is around $3.50 Canadian, the same price as a glass of wine. And it doesn't help that you walk all day either. So needless to say, I love water.



1. Beside You by 5 Seconds of Summer (x)
So, I kind of have an obsession for the opening band of One Direction. They write their own music, each play an instrument and are amazing at singing. I play drums, their drummer is super cool and everything's just great. I can't exactly explain why this song is so good, but just click on the link and go listen for yourself!

2. How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina And The Diamonds (x)
If you ever need to dance, this is the song. I can't not sing along to this, trust me. My friends and I sang this song once all through our field trip at the War Museum. This song will brighten my mood no matter what and I recommend for you to be prepared when you watch the music video, haha.

3.  The Lucky One by Taylor Swift (x)
There's so many different opinions on this song and Taylor Swift herself, but listening to the lyrics truly explain what fame is. It's just one of those songs that manage to actually provoke thoughts and feelings in my opinion and cred to Taylor for this extremely well written song.

4. Let Her Go by Passenger (x)
Passenger's voice is super unique so you may like it and you may not. At the beginning, I was kinda iffy about this song, but my love for it has only grown. I love my upbeat songs, but at the end of the day, relaxing and soft songs always end up winning me over.


Gu Family Book
I have never cried harder in a Korean Drama. You can watch this with English subtitles on, so give it a chance if you've never watched Korean Dramas before. This one definitely beats most of the dramas on TV in Canada. The drama is about a boy who is born half nine-tailed wolf (mythological creature) and half human who struggles to find a balance and keep his pure human nature. It makes you laugh, cry and bite your nails all pretty much in the same episode. Every episode. Watch it and you won't regret it.

Canon PowerShot Camera
As soon as I heard that I was going to Europe, I made it my mission to record the whole trip. This camera stayed in my hands for the entire 10 days we were there. You can see my first video here, but my formatting and YouTube's formatting are different so keep in mind that I will be posting an HD and unstretched version sometime in the far future after I finish editing my Rome and Venice videos.

This is one of my many notebooks. I found that writing down my ideas and plans have helped so much in eliminating stress and organizing ideas. I even keep a notebook for future blog post ideas and brainstorming, so make a suggestion in the comments and it will be recorded.

So that's that! August is finally over and I will be loving September.

Make sure to leave comments letting me know if this post was helpful to you, or if you even have a request for a future post!

I'll see you next Monday! Byeee xx


  1. OMG you like korean Dramas AHHH! HAve you watched a drama called Her Legend, I'm opposed with that right now! Sorry I like the other stuff on this blog but AHH! Korean dramas! Also that main girl was kind of looks like suzy from miss A

    1. Omigosh! I found another Korean Drama fan <333 AND IT IS SUZY!!! :) <3

      Jenny xx