Monday, 29 September 2014

Downtown at Dusk

It's been so long since I came out with my last blog post! Who knew that grade 12 would be so hectic from the start? Everything was just thrown right at me as soon as I walked into school on the first day! It's only been 3 weeks of school and I've already been to and back from a leadership camp which I had to organize. Needless to say, it's been a little crazy for me.

After arriving home from my school's leadership camp, however, I found that the two days in the middle of a forest had really relieved my stress and refueled me to take on the rest of the school year. This weekend, though I was frantically trying to catch up on school work, I was still pretty calm. My family and I even had the time to go out for a walk downtown and have a little dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Arirang.

The whole walk reminded me so much of why autumn is my favourite season. It definitely helped take away my sadness over the fact that summer has truly come to an end. I love early autumn, when the leaves are only just starting to change colour, so you can still see a mixture of the fresh greens of summer along with the ambers of fall time. The best thing about autumn, however, is definitely the breath of fresh air. There's nothing better than being outside where the air is cooling down around you, but the sun is still warm on your skin. 

This mini little adventure really made me appreciate living in Ottawa and notice the quirks of this little city. Parliament Hill, for example, has an incredible view of the bridge that links two provinces together. The locks and the murky waters reflecting the autumn leaves give off such a beautiful and classy small town feel in the midst of downtown Ottawa. It's incredible how much I was able to discover from this short walk, even though I've lived here all my life!

So here's just a little short post! I'll really try to keep updating frequently, but please be patient with me, haha!

What I wore:
Arrow T-Shirt from Zara
M Skirt from H&M
Burgundy Knee Socks from Forever XXI
Denim Shirt from American Eagle
Black Chunky Shoes from Globo Shoes

What do you love about your city?


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  2. Such beautiful photos!
    Love your blog

    Aliya x