Wednesday, 24 December 2014

10 Things to Love About Christmas | Blogmas Day 5

With Christmas coming up in just a day, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to hold in my excitement. I'm actually just getting ready to head out the door to go to my childhood friends' family's Christmas party! Due to this, I thought I would just write a short little post on what I love about Christmas...

1. Christmas Trees
I love everyone can create their own little twist on a Christmas tree. From visiting my friends' houses to entering festive classrooms or just seeing these giant trees in public, I always love to take the time and look at all the unique ornaments that each tree has.

2. Christmas Lights
Rather than being greeted with a dark street every night like usual, the streets are all lit up with the magical decorations that everyone puts up.

3. Christmas Drinks
Hot chocolate, cafes with special Christmas menus, cinnamon, nutmeg... need I say more?

4. Baking!
I have a slight advantage since I love baking... and eating. So it all works out. I actually went on a huge baking marathon Friday night after school ended and it continued all the way to Saturday afternoon until my friends came over. Needless to say, my house smelled like sugar cookies and cupcakes for a while... and it was beautiful.

5. Giving Presents
It's always fun when you can buy gifts! When you know the person well, it feels amazing when you find the perfect present for them. Meanwhile, for large secret Santa events, it's always fun to be able to put together a little package of cute Christmas trinkets that you spent hours hunting for in stores.

6. Receiving Presents
Items can finally be crossed off your wishlist. That is all.

7. Parties
Let it be casual or formal, Christmas time gives the perfect excuse to host and go to parties. After working hard since September, it's nice to be able to sit back and relax with your friends without having the weight of assignments and tests stress you out.

8. Family Nights
Without homework, it gives you the opportunity to gain back the lost family time. Even if it just involves sitting in the living room with the Christmas tree lit and watching TV, there's still something heart-warming about being together as a family.

9. Shopping
All the sales and the sheer volume of shoppers just makes the experience a little more exciting and fun.

10. Classics
The time of year where you can look forward to the fact that people will be coming together everywhere. United by their favourite Christmas movies, their favourite Christmas songs and more. Shout out to all the Home Alone, Elf and All I Want For Christmas Is You lovers out there...

What do you love about the holiday seasons?

1 more day! xx


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