Thursday, 25 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014 | Blogmas Day 6

I'm not sure when it started, but for the past few years, my family and I realized that the easiest way to give gifts amongst us for Christmas is to pick out our own gifts. In the end, my parents always surprise us with a couple of extra presents anyway... :P But without further ado, here are some of the gifts I got for Christmas this year!

1. Audio-Technica Record Player
Definitely my favourite out of everything and I'm not even afraid to admit it. We ordered this online on Cyber Monday and I have been using it since winter break started since my friends bought me loads of new records for my birthday. So far, my collection includes Night Visions by Imagine Dragons, In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith, The 1975 by The 1975, Bad Blood by Bastille and a random Mozart album. Needless to say, the sound quality of vinyls are so much better than the compressed music files we have these days. All these records have been played at least 3 times already...

2. Le Chatelaine Hand Cream Set
This was one of those surprise gifts my parents sneaked under the tree. As soon as I saw the packaging, I fell in love. This set is made in France and contains 20% organic shea butter with vitamins.
In this set, there are the following scents:
Lemon Verbena, Gardenia, Pear, Coconut Milk, Shea, Sweet Almond, Rose Acacia, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Passion Fruit, Lychee Bilberry and Citrus.

3. Mug & Beanie
The next two presents were given to me by my friend during our Student Council Secret Santa. As soon as I saw the mug, I both laughed and cried at the accuracy of Stay Stressed Then Give Up. And I'm in love with the new beanie I can add to my collection since I don't have hats in that colour yet.

4. Just Dance 2015 Wii
Another surprise gift. My sister and I screamed after opening this present. We both danced ballet before and still love it. We just love dance in general. Not to mention the fact that Just Dance is an amazing work out. We popped this disc in before lunch, danced five dances and were completely exhausted and out of breath!

5. H&M Scarf
My childhood best friends bought me a chunky knitted infinity scarf. I don't have any scarves in this colour and just by wearing it for a couple of seconds immediately after unwrapping it, I can already tell that this scarf will be keeping me warm throughout winter time!

6. Aldo Black Suede Pumps
I picked out this gift myself when doing some Christmas shopping with my mom and my sister. I've always loved the idea of having a pair of black pumps to dress up and outfit. Aldo was having a 50% off sale on their sale items when we were at the mall and this pair of shoes attracted me immediately. I can't wait to wear these later! It's definitely another one of my favourites!

7. Sweets Kit
One day, my friend pulled me to her locker at school and just stuffed this tin into my hands with the sweetest note on it. Plus the tin was filled to the brim with homemade cookies, chocolates and candies. And sweets just happen to be the way to my heart.

8. Secret Santa
My friends and I organized a Secret Santa among us this year. Somehow, my gift seemed perfectly customized for me. A cute mug with a cute message, chocolate from Purdy's and a little something from Bath & Body Works to go with it!

9. Forever XXI Gift Card
Finally, my family friends gave my sister and I each a Forever XXI gift card. This was such a practical gift since my family always goes out for Boxing Day and Forever XXI will always be one of my stops. I can't wait to be able to spend this gift card to my heart's content tomorrow!

There wasn't a single gift this year that I didn't love. I don't know if it's because I love a lot of things, or if the people around me just really understand me. Either way, looking at the gifts in front of me makes me unreasonably happy. My family and I have also just spent our day playing Just Dance and watching movies. I gotta say, I love Christmas.

So that brings us to the end of Blogmas 2014! It wasn't much, but I had fun getting back into the blogging groove after going on hiatus because of school. I'll definitely be back sometime soon to post a couple more times before school starts again. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or happy holidays and I'll see you again soon!