Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Closet Collections | Kensington Market

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada's capital, I have a special place in my heart for the quirky North American yet European styled city. However, one thing you'll notice if you ever visit is that Ottawans are not particularly concerned about fashion. This means that it can be pretty easy to feel a little overdressed.

That's why taking a trip to Toronto always excites me. I can plan out an outfit that really reflects my style without feeling like I'm standing out too much in the crowd. Of course, standing out is definitely not a bad thing, but it takes a while for us to get used to that... I'm working on it.

In the outfit I prepped for Saturday, I used my love for solid monochrome clothing while adding a little colour and print. 
I especially love the dress from Forever XXI since the dress itself is relatively casual and flowy, while the print and colour remind me of delicate porcelain china dishes. 
I also find myself grabbing the Aldo shoes quite a lot since they're extremely comfortable to walk in, and can clean up a casual outfit. 
Saturday was a debut for my Target hat, since I never really had the courage to rock it on the streets of Ottawa, but after wearing it for a day in Toronto, I've fallen in love with how it easily completes an outfit while offering some sun protection and I think I'll definitely be wearing it out again soon. 
It's actually pretty interesting that I have so many Target things in this outfit, since I've only bought three items from there before, and Target is sadly now closed in Canada. The bag I have is perfect for me... but kind of bad, I guess, because it encourages my need of bringing unnecessary things around everywhere with its largeness. I especially love the gold pegs on the bottom of the bag which add a little elegance. 
Finally, the sunglasses I had were a necessity since I didn't feel like wearing contacts that day and they are my only prescription sunglasses. I picked them out since I've always loved it when pictures of celebrities would come out and I'd notice that a simple black frame was classy and worked with every outfit.

Even after visiting Toronto multiple times every year pretty much since I was old enough for road trips, I've never found myself in Kensington Market before. After hearing about it a billion times, I was determined to explore the market during this trip. And I fell in love. Each store had its unique design, products and concept. The walls on the street were free canvases for all artist and we even had a little chat with a man who was working on some graffiti art in the side alley where my outfit picture was taken. The quirky street has captured my heart and with so many unexplored shops, I will definitely be going for a longer visit during my next road trip to Toronto.

So those are a few of the pictures I managed to capture. I'm not exceptionally proud of them, I'll admit, since I was so overwhelmed by experiencing the visit that I only took a couple of snaps in a rush. If you ever find yourselves in Toronto, I highly recommend a visit there!

What are your thoughts on my new Closet Collections series?


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