Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dear Santa Inspired Christmas Makeup

Today's post and video are a little different! I rarely ever talk about my secret love for the entertainment industry outside of North America. In fact, I deem myself to be a 'closeted fan'. 

However, every year during the holiday times, I'm always incredibly excited to hear the new Christmas releases. This year, there have been so many amazing songs, but what stuck with me the most was how stunning the members of Girls' Generation looked in their Dear Santa music video! While they normally sing songs in Korean, they also released an English version of this song, which has definitely become my jam for this holiday season.

After watching their video for the ten millionth time, I finally committed to trying to recreate this look! I think the gold and berry lip is an amazing match for Christmas time, but will also be suitable for the entire winter season! So without further ado, I hope you all enjoy my video!


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