Monday, 28 July 2014

HUGE Summer Haul | 2014

Being relatively deprived of shopping during the school year... I can say that I went a little crazy with shopping this summer. In my defence, I wasn't the only one who did damage. Since my older sister and I are practically the same size, we always share clothes, so some of this is her doing as well. Just saying. Moving on from excuses and such, let's get started with all the clothes I bought so far. (And I'm going to Toronto sometime in August so further damage is expected. On the bright, at least I have a job now...)


Every time either my sister, mom or I have went to Garage, we've managed to bump into some really great deals. I'm really happy with all the items below, and my sister and I are venturing out from our comfort zones and have yet to find a way to wear a bralette... (Note: There's a sweater I forgot to take a picture of. It's a grey oversized sweater with a huge printed smiley face we found for $5.00)

Tribal Eye Cropped Tank Top
Pairs well with: Distressed High-Rise Jean Shorts

Floral Printed Bralette
Pairs well with: Maxi Skirt

Floral Double Layer Cropped Tank Top
Pairs well with: White/Black Shorts

Floral Printed Cami
Pairs well with: High Waisted Shorts

Purple Banded Back Bandeau
Pairs well with: Open Back Tank Tops

Maroon Sweat Pants
Pairs well with: Hoodies?
(lol, if you're wearing sweat pants, you probably don't care about looking fashionable anyway...)


Lace T-Shirt
Pairs well with: Skater Skirts


Grey Maxi Skirt
Pairs well with: Cropped Tank Tops


While downtown on Canada Day, we spent a little time browsing through shops and found some great Canada Day deals.

White T-Shirt with Pocket
Pairs well with: Leggings


Coral Knitted Cardigan
Around $18.00 (lost the receipt oops)
Pairs well with: Any neutral outfit... :P

Blue and White T-Shirt
Around $5.00
Pairs well with: Lace White Shorts


Zebra Printed Cardigan
Pairs well with: Brighter Outfits... :P

Black T-Shirt with Pocket
Pairs well with: Skinny Jeans


Saving the most exciting for last. We accidentally stumbled upon a huge  sale on dresses in Forever XXI after deciding to peak into the store quickly before leaving the mall. If you know me, I am perfectly content just living off wearing dresses.

Burgundy Lace Dress

Porcelain/China-Print Dress

Floral Dress with Transparent Lace Waist

Pink and Black Polkadot Cropped and Tied T-Shirt
Pairs well with: High-Waisted Jean Shorts

And that brings us to the end of the haul. I actually realized throughout the writing of the post that I actually forgot to take pictures of one or two items... which makes me feel even worse. I pretty much have come to a stop with shopping, but the trip to Toronto definitely is not going to help. Let's hope there won't be another huge haul like this before school starts for me, haha.. Anyways, I hope you were able to be inspired by some of the things I bought in this haul, or even are lucky enough to find the same items in stores. I'll see you soon with another post!


  1. My favourite piece is the tribal eye cropped tank top. I'd love to incorporate something like that into my wardrobe. :)

    1. Yepp, it's definitely one of my favourites too :)