Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada D'eh 2014

Happy Canada Day everyone! One of the biggest advantages of living in the nation's capital is being able to attend the biggest celebration in the country on its birthday. There's nothing like being pushed along by a giant crowd of tourists and citizens dressed in red when its 32°C and very, very  humid. All sarcasm aside, it really is such a unique experience. So, here are some photos I took throughout the few hours I spent downtown, but they really do not do the hype and overall atmosphere any justice.

Walk to the bus station where all rides are free for the day.

Lemonade Stand on the streets downtown.

Sparks Street sign.

Sparks Street

We should be celebrating, but the Argentina vs. Switzerland match was being broadcasted...

Clever advertising technique, CIBC... well played.

Flags of the teams left in FIFA.

Canadian flags everywhere.

Huge crowd in front of Parliament hill.

Stage set up in front of Parliament Hill for performances all day long.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police escorting the Governor General to Parliament Hill.

Traditional flight of the Snowbirds after 21 cannon sounds.

Byward Market sign.

Byward Market crowd.

Red Bull's amazing advertising.

OC Transpo buses all over the city.

Lunch at a hidden, but amazing Korean restaurant, Arirang.
So those are the photos I managed to take while being pushed around by crowds! I'll see you tomorrow with a little 2014 Blogger Challenge post, and Happy Canada Day!!!