Friday, 29 August 2014

2 Quick & Healthy Breakfasts | Back To School

 There's nothing more important than having a good breakfast to start off your school day. You've all probably heard this many times already, but your brain and body really do need some good nutrition to maximize its performance during the day. So here are two breakfast items that I have been eating a lot during the summer, and probably will continue eating for breakfast as school reenters my life.

Fruit Smoothie

My family recently bought ourselves a magic bullet and have been making smoothies like crazy. The one in the photos above is probably my favourite smoothie so far. It's simply a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with a banana and some yogurt. In this case, I used vanilla-flavoured yogurt, but we have recently purchased plain yogurt to make the smoothie even healthier.

The best part about this smoothie is that you end up eating an incredible amount of fruits. Though I love fruits and all, I usually tell myself that I'm too busy to prepare fruits when I get home from school. Since I'm one to never skip breakfast, adding some fruits into my breakfast has brought the fruit consumption in my house to its ultimate high.

Oatmeal & Berries

One downside to having a smoothie for breakfast is that there is no wheat products. Of course, you could easily add flax seeds or something, but not all of us have those at home. Oatmeal is also super easy to make. Just pop the pot of oatmeal on the stove to cook and wash and cut your fruits while waiting for it to be ready. Another perk to having oatmeal is that it should definitely keep you full until lunch time. There's nothing worse than starving yourself in a class where the teacher doesn't let you eat.

So this is a pretty short post, but these two items are what I have been genuinely eating for the past two months at home. However, I tend to go for bigger breakfasts and eat less during the other two meals of the day so that's why I have a slice of homemade bread with my oatmeal in the last photo (which definitely isn't quick to make). So that brings me to suggest that if you happen to find a little extra time on the weekends, it definitely helps to do a little baking ahead of time so you have essentially prepared enough breakfast to last you through the week. Of course, full credit goes to my parents for all the baked goods, seeing as the baking I like to do is far too sweet for breakfast...

What's your go-to breakfast on school days?


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